Cohiba Nicaragua N60 Toro Gordo 6″ * 60

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A potent and flavorful cigar with bold notes of cedar, leather, and pepper underscored by a delectable creaminess. Its Nicaraguan binder and filler are covered by a red-hued Honduran Colorado wrapper. The Cohiba Nicaragua N60 Toro Gordo is the first time this iconic brand has had a cigar blended and made in Nicaragua.\

Box of 16

  • BRANDS: Cohiba Nicaragua
  • ORIGIN: Nicaragua
  • WRAPPER COLOR: Colorado
  • SINGLE PACKAGING: Cellophane
  • ROLLING TYPE: Handmade
  • CIGAR MANUFACTURER: General Cigars/ST Group
  • CIGAR WRAPPER: Honduran
  • CIGAR BINDER: Nicaragua
  • CIGAR FILLER: Nicaragua

4 reviews for Cohiba Nicaragua N60 Toro Gordo 6″ * 60

  1. Oscar Liam

    Just had the pleasure of puffing on the Cohiba Nicaragua N60 Toro Gordo 6″ * 60 thanks to Holycigar. Let me tell you, this cigar is an absolute corker! The craftsmanship is bloody impressive, resulting in a smooth draw and an ash that hangs on like a trooper. The flavors are a real rip-snorter—hints of nuts and a touch of sweetness that make it a true-blue delight. Don’t miss out on this ripper of a smoke!

  2. Isabella

    This beauty is a real showstopper, with a construction that’s nothing short of brilliant. The flavors are a fair dinkum medley of leather and spices, creating a delightful balance that’s hard to beat. If you’re after a top-notch smoke, this one’s the bee’s knees.

  3. cooper

    Just had a bloody ripper time with the Cohiba Nicaragua N60 Toro Gordo 6″ * 60 courtesy of Holycigar. This stogie is a true masterpiece, boasting a flawless burn and construction that’s as good as gold.

  4. Ava

    Toro Gordo 6″ * 60 from Holycigar, and it’s a bonzer smoke, I tell ya. The craftsmanship on this stick is top-notch, with a solid ash and an easy draw. The flavors are a ripper combo of coffee and dark chocolate, making it a dinki-di treat for any cigar enthusiast. Fair dinkum, give it a burl!

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